Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Joy Comes to Stay

When Joy Comes to Stay
Karen Kingsbury

Maggie is the perfect wife and parishioner. She's a devote Christian who takes in foster children and fights the wrongs of this world with her newspaper column. She's married to Ben, a man who adores her. But a mistake from her past is weighing her down and she begins to fear for her sanity. Why can't she stop seeing this little girl and why does she forget large chunks of time?

Depression is a very misunderstood illness in the Christian world. I appreciated the author's willingness to address the issue and how she handled it. The story seemed a little far out and cheesy, but the message of deliverance and redemption was beautiful. Probably not a huge favorite of mine, but I liked it okay.

(I've already reviewed this book for WaterBrook in the three-in-one book, but felt each book (since it can be purchased alone) deserved it's own review.)

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