Sunday, January 20, 2013

On Every Side

On Every Side
Karen Kingsbury

Faith is living in a small town and working as a news anchor. Her father has just passed away. He was her hero when it came to matters of faith and now she must stand alone. Decisions that will test her faith are coming to her small town in the form of an old friend. How she handles those decisions could affect her family and her future.

Definitely my favorite of the three Kingsbury books I've read. It had some tough issues being addressed, but they didn't make me feel helpless or frustrated. Religious freedom is a battle that is relatable to anyone reading the news or anyone with a faith they've had to defend. The plot was based on actual events, but the story and characters were fictional. The author did a good job of holding my attention and I liked the element of romance that was mixed into the story. My only complaint would be that some of the thoughts or ideas weren't carried completely out in the book. Some of the characters were only briefly mentioned and yet played a huge part in the story.
(I've already reviewed this book for WaterBrook in the three-in-one book, but felt each book (since it can be purchased alone) deserved it's own review.)

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