Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Goodbye Bride

The Goodbye Bride
Denise Hunter
Lucy wakes up on the floor of a bathroom wearing a wedding dress. She's hit her head and can't remember anything. The only thing she remembers is being engaged to Zac. But when she places the call for him to come get her, she finds out that she's lost almost a year of her memory. She might be wearing a wedding dress, but it isn't for Zac. She left him right before the wedding, move to another town, and become engaged to another man. Problem is, she still feels like she's in love with Zac and has absolutely no memory of any of the previous actions. 

This was an interesting premise. The entirety of the story was on how the two main characters work through their emotions, their past, and their differences to reach a romantic conclusion. There is a lot of emotional drama, angsty moments, and introspection. The story flows well, the characters are well defined, and the author brought her usual amazing writing skills in to play. This just isn't my favorite style. I'm not a huge fan of angst that is through the whole book. The author brought some great spiritual thoughts into the story without coming across as preachy. Overall, it was a well written story that fans of romantic, Christian fiction will enjoy.

I received a copy of this book. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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