Friday, April 18, 2014

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
James Patterson

Katie has finally found the perfect boyfriend. So when he abruptly dumps her one night, she's devastated. She can't understand what prompted his abrupt departure, until she finds a diary on her doorstep one day. The diary explains everything.

I've really enjoyed reading the James Patterson crime fighting books. So I thought I'd take a peek at what his "womens fiction" looked like. I was especially curious because his perception of how women think in the Women's Murder Club was a bit off. Entertaining, but still slightly wrong.

I enjoyed the book. It felt a bit staged and overly fake at times. But I still enjoyed reading the story. I didn't ever connect with Katie because too much time was spent on Suzanne. So I ended up liking her (Suzanne) so much better than Katie, and I'm not sure this was the authors intention. The idea of the mother writing a journal to her baby was precious, the things she put into that journal - not so much. The medical aspects of the book seemed a bit off. But I personally know medical doctors who are horrible patients, so maybe this was the intent. Overall it was a nice book, but not a re-read.

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