Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Turn the Page!

Don't Turn the Page!
Rachelle Burk
Sami does not want to go to bed. So when Mama suggests a story, Sami won't let her turn the pages. She wants to put off going to bed as long as possible. But curiosity is a very hard thing to ignore. Soon Mama finds herself reading a fun little story about a sleepy bear.

The illustrations are beautiful and my 5 yr old loved looking at each page. They matched perfectly with the story and were full of details. The story within a story is delightful and will amuse even the most sleepy children. This book didn't make my daughter tired. In fact, I had to read it several times. The author did a great job of capturing the attention with humor and a flowing rhythmic story. This book is definitely a keeper.

I received this book free of charge from JKS Communications in exchange for my honest review.

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