Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No Red Pen

No Red Pen
Writers, Writing Groups & Critique
Victoria A. Hudson
If you are a writer, critique and criticism are inevitable.  Hudson takes a few chapters to outline how to find a writer's group that will help you critique your work so the criticism is less. The simple, easy to follow steps will guide you through where to find the group, what you might encounter, and dealing with the fears of criticism. But most importantly she covers the steps for critiquing someone's work.

The book was small at only 57 pages. But I felt that the author got the points across. The writing was clear and easy to follow. She mentions that this isn't a how-to for a writer's group. But I think that every writer's group should read this book. It will definitely help make the process easier and less difficult if these simple instructions were followed more often.

I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

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