Sunday, February 2, 2014

America's Cheapest Family

America's Cheapest Family
Gets You Right on the Money
Steve and Annette Economides

In this economy everyone seems to be interested in spending less money, being more frugal, or getting their finances in order. The Economides have been labeled as America's Cheapest Family for a reason. Their lifestyle has been one of frugality, carefulness, and planning. The husband and wife team have written this book to help out the newbie to the frugal game.

I enjoyed reading this book. The authors have a way of making money issues and saving more palatable with their writing style. Most of the advice given are already things I've implemented. But the advice was clear, practical, and easy to put into practice. Anyone just starting will benefit from reading this book. Even though I'm on my way to being rather frugal myself, I still learned a couple of new things and was reminded of some more.

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