Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Heiress's Homecoming

The Heiress's Homecoming
The Everard Legacy Book 4
Regina Scott
Samantha has a bit of a predicament. She has only one option to save her family home. She must marry by the time she is twenty-five. And that date is only weeks away. Not only does she not have a fiance, she doesn't even have any prospects. At least not prospects that she has any intention of spending her life with. She's rather lose her family home then subject them and herself to the past that she brings with her. But her neighbors, a father and son, seem to have different plans and have inserted themselves into her house party to try to change her mind.

This was a fun story. Somehow I missed the first three books in the series. While this didn't detract from the story, it was obvious that there was more to the secondary characters that I'd missed. The main characters were flawed, engaging, relatable, and enjoyable. I thought the author did a great job of capturing the scenery without giving too many details. There were definitely elements of faith woven throughout the story and I enjoyed that part of it. There were some places in the plot that felt overdone or not really fitting with the time period. But overall, I really enjoyed this book and intend to go back and read the first three in the series.

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