Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Her One and Only

Her One and Only
Porter Family Book 4
Becky Wade
Dru Porter is the youngest in her family. She's also the only girl. As the late in life child, it's been a fight to keep up with her older brothers. Her mother tried desperately to get her interested in princess activities or dance, to no avail. After a stint in the military, Dru is now working for a security firm as a protection agent. Her next client is a football player named Gray Fowler. Gray has a stalker that has taken a turn towards dangerous. And until the police can figure out who is sending the letters, Gray must suffer with round the clock body guards. Neither party is happy with the arrangement. Dru is protecting a womanizing guy who plays for the wrong football team, Gray is sure that a tiny woman like Dru can't protect him and will ruin his reputation as a tough guy. 

I've enjoyed all of the books in this series. But I think this one is a favorite. The author mixed suspense with the romantic elements which gave it just the right amount of drama and intrigue. The reader is able to catch a glimpse at the couples from the previous books. I think this book would work as a stand-alone since the references to the previous characters fit with the book and don't leave the author guessing. I really liked how the author wove the theme of faith and trust into the character's lives. I loved how the book started off with a bang and then went back to tell how the characters arrived at the dramatic ending. Dru is a dynamic character that jumps out at the reader from the page. She's strong, but has a gentle side. She's a super hero. My favorite secondary character is Augustine. This woman is hilarious and really rounds out the story. This family was a joy to read about and I'm sad that there aren't any more in the series. But I'm sure the author has something even better coming out next.

I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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