Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Adventurers of Bubba Jones

The Adventurers of Bubba Jones
Time Traveling Through the great Smoky Mountains
Jeff Alt
Bubba Jones and his sister Hug-a-Bug are on a backpacking trip with their grandpa, Papa Lewis. He wants to show them the Smokey Mountains and pass on a family secret. It's a very closely guarded secret that the children are delighted to inherit. This secret lets them literally step into history and experience it for themselves.

The story is a fiction setting with facts about the Smokey Mountains and it's history thrown in with the time travel element. The story is set up for the next book in the series by not ending one of the mysteries. At the end of the book is a curriculum guide and discussion questions for further review and study. Elementary school children will enjoy the story type approach to learning about history. My son (4th grade) liked it, but didn't love it. He said it was a bit boring in places.

I received this book free of charge from Direct Contact in exchange for this honest review.

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