Thursday, September 24, 2015

Taming the To-Do List

Taming the To-Do List
How to Choose Your Best Work Every Day
Glynnis Whitwer
As women we are always chasing the to-do list. And at the end of the day some of us still feel overwhelmed and a tad guilty because everything hasn't been accomplished. The author has taken these struggles, that are personal to her as well, and written a Biblical and factual approach to getting to the root of the problem. Once the procrastinator can get behind the reasoning for their procrastination they can tame the to-do list and the things that they accomplish will be done well. At the end of each chapter is a small exercise that pertains to the topic.

I picked this book up because the write-up described me. And for the first three chapters I felt like I'd picked up a book written specifically for me. Then it began to get tedious and I really had to force myself to finish. It felt ironic to be reading a book on how to prioritize my life and leave the things that didn't matter behind and to be spending time reading a book that didn't feel like it was really addressing my problem. While the content was good and I appreciated the spiritual aspect, the delivery was a bit dry for me. I would have liked a more light touch to the writing and more practical tips and suggestions that I could have put into practice. Overall, it was a nice book and will probably resonate with some readers. It just wasn't for me.

I received this book free of charge from Revell Reads in exchange for my honest review.

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