Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man's Hand
The Caden Chronicles
Eddie Jones

Nick is being forced to spend a dreadful vacation with his family. But as they arrive he happens upon a dead body. When the police return the body is gone. Now the search is on to prove that he really saw someone before the vacation ends.

I'm not a huge fan of ghosts so was a bit unsure of what to expect. But I enjoyed this story. The characters are fun. The mystery of the missing man is full of clues and drama that keeps you entertained through out the book. The conclusion  leaves the perfect opening for the next book to start. My son has just started reading it and is enjoying it as well. My complaint would be the lack of Christianity in a Christian book. The ending was really the only "Christian" thing that I noticed. If the idea was to help kids think of Jesus more, I think it fell painfully short.

I received this book free of charge from ZonderKids in exchange for my honest review.

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