Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Big Sky Daddy

Big Sky Daddy
Montana Marriages #2
Linda Ford
Caleb feels like he's let his son down. Now Teddy can't walk and Caleb is working for a rather unpleasant guy to try to earn the money for better doctors. Sow when they find a wounded dog, Caleb finds himself asking the "enemy" for help in healing both of them. What he doesn't expect is to find the family he's wanted from the very beginning.

I've enjoyed a few books by Ms. Ford before and I love historical fiction. This book did not disappoint. The flawed, but loving family that was portrayed really set the tone for the book. My favorite character was the little boy, but I enjoyed all of them. The little bit of suspense that was woven throughout the story was intriguing. The author set the book up to end well, but leave a bit of intrigue for the next book in the series. I wasn't able to get my hands on the first book before reading this one. Although it was clear that there was a previous story, this book could definitely work as a stand alone. But I made sure to purchase the other books in the series, since I didn't want to miss any more of the story.

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