Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Walking Fish

The Walking Fish
Rachelle Burk and Kopel Burk
Alexis learned to love fishing from her grandpa. So when her family goes up to their summer cabin on Glacial Lake, she takes her fishing gear. But to her dismay, no fish are living in the lake. It has to do with minerals or something in the lake. But Alexis takes her rod down to the lake to practice and accidentally catches a fish. No one believes her at first. But when she and her friend, Darshan bring the fish to the house and put it in the bathtub the whole town gets involved. Because this isn't an ordinary fish. This fish has no eyes and little feet.

I'm not a huge science person. So I can't judge this book on how well they immersed the science into the story. But I can tell you that my son really enjoyed reading the story and it brought up lots of questions that we had to research and discuss. My husband and I both enjoyed reading the story on our own, as adults. The characters were fun and believable. There was humor, life lessons, a little bit of drama, and fun. The imagery put the reader into the story. I liked the book for its story and for what my son learned while reading it. I would definitely recommend this story and am looking forward to reading more by these authors.

I received this book free of charge from JKS Communications in exchange for my honest review.

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