Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Princess Within

The Princess Within For Teens 
Discovering Your Royal Inheritance
Serita Ann Jakes
Most teenagers deal with feelings of insecurities, hurt, and insignificance. But most of us would love to be Cinderella - after the ball - when her prince comes knocking on her door. We want to feel special, beautiful, and worthy. So how do we accomplish this? The author takes the reader on a spiritual journey that shows how God wants each of us to find our Princess within to become the young women he's designed us to be.

Each chapter begins with a modern day telling of Cinderella. Next is a play list of music that will fit with the topic. Quizzes, personal stories from different people, and Bible verses help to bring the subject home and make it real. The chapters end with a section called "What's Your Story?" that helps the reader to make the topics more personal and applicable. The book ends with several pages of resources for girls to turn to if they are dealing with a specific problem.

The author did an outstanding job of writing in a way that teenagers will find relate-able. The chapters focus on a different aspects, but they all tie in together. I was a bit distracted by the multitude of things in each chapter, but I'm sure this will help keep the attention of the young girls it's intended for. It's definitely a book I can recommend and I will be keeping it for when my daughter reaches this age.

I received this book free of charge from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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