Thursday, June 5, 2014

Corky Gives the Whole Scoop on the Facts of Life

Corky Gives the Whole Scoop on the Facts of Life
(For Girls Only)
Terri Shearer Trenchard

 There aren't really a lot of books out there that talk about the facts of life in a way that makes kids want to keep reading. So the author wrote a book for her son and then followed it up with this book for her daughter. Written in a conversational tone with a young girl named Corky, girls can learn the scoop on life from a peer.

Playful pencil type drawings, colorful text, and "scoops" on the facts of life make this the perfect book for girls getting ready to hit puberty. The information is straight forward and written in easy to understand language. I was impressed with the delivery of the information, but also the humor that was thrown into each chapter. It helps break up the seriousness of some of the subjects and makes learning fun. I will be keeping this book for my daughter when she gets a little bit older.

I received this book free of charge from Firefly Marketing in exchange for my honest review.

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