Monday, December 19, 2011

Whither Thou Goest I Will Go

Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go
Naomi Dathan

Jemima and Seth, with their son Charlie, leave the comforts of home to settle on a Nebraska farm. Jem left a spoiled young lady. But prairie life has a way maturing people very quickly. Jem has to choose whether she's going to stick by her husband and go where he goes, or choose to go home to her dad.

This book was very well written, although heartbreaking at times. It's so easy to sit in my comfortable chair and read about the harshness of life in the 1800s. But to imagine losing a loved one because of a storm or having to chose whether to stay at the farm or move back to town that has nothing for you. Many people chose to stay, but quite a few just couldn't handle the stresses and constant worry.

The slight negatives - Jem's complaining and Seth's unbending and refusing to discuss things really got on my nerves. Although I'm sure it's a true rendition of many marriages it was grating.

It's a good book and I'll certainly be checking out the author's other books.

I received this book free of charge from Logos in exchange for my honest review.

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Naomi Dathan said...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go. Every bit of feedback is so helpful and appreciated.