Friday, March 22, 2019

Almost Home

Almost Home
Valerie Fraser Luesse
Life is changing because of the war. Farms are collapsing, men are leaving home, and the ones left behind are flocking to the munitions plants to keep their families afloat. Several families arrive at Dolly's family home turned bed and breakfast. Each person is fighting their own personal battle. But when disaster strikes the family home, the families rush to solve a previous generations mystery and rally around to save Dolly.

I'm not usually into these types of books. So I went into it with a bit of trepidation, expecting cheesy plots lines and predictability. And while there might have been a bit of that; this book was so much more. The author was able to draw out the different characters and their emotions so that the reader becomes completely engaged. It was like two separate stories were happening at the same time - the current one with the different boarders and the mystery from decades ago that had never been solved. There is a touch of miracles, lots of heart, and plenty of laughs. Even if this doesn't seem your style, I recommend giving it a try. It made me think long after I finished the book. 

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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