Monday, October 28, 2013

The Dawn of Christmas

The Dawn of Christmas
The Apple Ridge Series Book 3
Cindy Woodsmall

Sadie was burned several years ago when she walked in on her fiance in the arms of her cousin on her wedding day. She vows never to marry and begins to pursue mission work in a town far away from her family. But circumstances bring her home and she is beginning to feel smothered with all of the match making. After rescuing a charming man, they hatch a plan to get the match makers off their backs until they can both get on with the plans they've made. But plans are meant to be changed.

I enjoyed this story. The different aspects that brought it all together made it different than I'd expected. It was nice to learn a bit more about the characters from the previous two books and have it all tie together so nicely in the third book. The relationship between the two main characters was funny, sweet, and romantic. The author did a great job. I hope she writes some more about this community.

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