Sunday, May 5, 2013

Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate
Life in Icicle Falls
Sheila Roberts

Samantha has been left with the crumbling remains of her family's chocolate company. Left in ruins by a ailing step-father, it is now on the brink of going under. Samantha must deal with her mother's grief, her anger over the ruin of her beloved company, and a very annoying bank manager who can't seem to offer any help. But her sisters are there to help her find a way out of the mess their step-father created. And maybe they can find a way to save the company.

This was a fun book to read.While it appears there are other books in the series, I didn't feel lost or confused when reading the story. It was an enjoyable and fast read. The author did a great job of portraying real family issues while still maintaining the importance of family. There was a bit of romance, but it didn't seem to dominate the story at all. I will definitely be checking out more books by this author.

I received this book free of charge from Harlequin in exchange for my honest review.

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