Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Noble Groom

A Noble Groom
Jody Hedlund

Annalisa has given up any hope for a fairy tale marriage. Her first marriage was horrible. She just hopes that this time around her father will pick a man less mean and abusive. Her German community is hard working and honest. But most of the men believe women are there to provide and support the men. They get very little say in what goes on in their lives. But when Carl appears to help her with the farm until her new husband arrives, he shows her what her world could look like married to a different kind of man. 

The plot was different from what I typically read and I loved that. The romance was, of course, sweet and well written. But the ideas about equality, forgiveness, and life stations were well presented and thought provoking. The author has a talent for showing instead of just telling you a story. The descriptions place you into the story, where you feel the dirt on your hands and smell the smoke from the fire. I really enjoyed jumping into this story.

I received this book free of charge from Goodreads in exchange for my honest review.

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