Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Clearing in the Wild

A Clearing in the Wild
Change and Cherish Historical Series
Book 1
Jane Kirkpatrick

Emma is too outspoken to be living in the community she was born in. So when the opportunity to escape comes in the form of following her husband as a scout, she takes every advantage to ensure it happens. But wishing to be heard, to be seen, to matter, lead her to a maturity that she didn't see coming. Based on a true story, the author takes literary license with the historical information she found and weaves a story of God and how he fits into our lives as individuals and as a Christian community.

The author did such a great job of portraying the stifling restrictions of the community and its somewhat dictatorial leader that I wasn't very fond of the beginning of the book. But once Emma left with her husband, it picked up and I began to enjoy the story more. While definitely a novel, the author did a good job of portraying the characters as real people who live and learn from their mistakes. I appreciated how she wrote about the marriage between Emma and her husband, Christian. It was very authentic. While I ended up enjoying the story in the end, I'm not sure I'll be reading the other books in the series. It just wasn't my style.

I received this book free of charge from WaterBrook in exchange for my honest review.

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