Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trust Your Eyes

Trust Your Eyes
Linwood Barclay

Ray returns to his parents home after the death of his father to take care of the estate. But there is a small wrinkle in his plans. His brother, Thomas, is schizophrenic and rarely leaves home. He's obsessed with maps and spends most of his days on the computer looking at cities to learn their streets and roads.
When Thomas thinks he sees evidence of a murder, he sends his brother Ray on a chase across the country. Both brothers are soon in way over their heads.

Wow! This book is gripping, thrilling, and captivating. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a thriller this much. The characters have depth and the plot is multifaceted and riveting. The author was able to create a story that will be entertaining to more than one specific group. I felt confident giving this book to my husband to enjoy, even though our tastes in books rarely overlap. I'm going to be checking out other books by this author, for sure.
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