Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mercy Come Morning

Mercy Come Morning
Lisa Tawn Bergren

I picked this book to review because I had read some books by this author many years ago. It wasn't anything like I was expecting based on my previous experience, but I'm so glad I chose to read it.

The story begins with a woman returning home to her mother's death bed. Her mother has Alzheimer's disease so in some ways she's already gone. But Krista returns to settle some issues in her own mind about things that happened when she was a child. She's also dealing with a lost love and the ramifications of starting the relationship again.

The story deals with the pains and inadequacies we see from our childhood perspectives. Sometimes our parents aren't what we thought they were. And sometimes we understand things better when we are in their shoes.
This story will resonate with those who are dealing with relatives who have Alzheimer's, but it also touches on the relationship between children and parents vs. grown children and their parents.
 It's about past, present and future. It's about love, forgiveness and opening our hearts to love.

I enjoyed the story as a story. But I also appreciated the theme of forgiveness running through. The author wrote in such a way that lead me to believe she's lived (or thoroughly researched) this experience. And to me this is the sign of a great writer; writing that pulls me in with their words and places me in the story. I felt like I would recognize the care facility where her mother was staying or the town where Krista grew up. Wonderful writing and a wonderful story of redemption.

I received this book free of charge from WaterBrook Press in exchange for my honest opinion.

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