Friday, August 19, 2011

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck
Kathleen Y'Barbo

Charlotte is a headstrong, independent, often clumsy, only child. She is a worry to her father and often a menace to those around her. She desperately wants to join her father in business, but he wants her to grow up first. He strikes a bargain with her that involves marriage to a man she hardly knows. She is full of schemes that will enable her to get out of this marriage. Her only problem is convincing her husband to go along with them.

The book started out slow for me. It seemed to bog down with details of her escapades and her seeming hatred for the idea of marriage. I found it hard to like her. She was stubborn and disrespectful to her father. Her refusal to listen to anyone was frustrating.
The story was well written and after the first half seemed to move a lot faster. Most readers will enjoy the plot and the romance of the story. So even though I didn't enjoy parts of it, I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Christian fiction genre.

I received this book free of charge from Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review.

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