Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping Grace Alive

Keeping Grace Alive
Annie Lee
Grace is the step-daughter of a politician. She's sweet and he's evil. She's honest and he's not remotely honest. She loves life and he's killed more than he's saved.  He wants her married to a man of his choosing or dead. Since she refuses to marry he places a hit on her.
But he chooses the wrong hit man. This hit man decides to keep her alive.
The next few months are a game of cat and mouse between the hit man, Grace and her step-father.

This book is mostly romantic with a bit of intrigue thrown in. I really enjoyed reading this book, but am having a difficult time writing the review. It's obvious to me that this is the first book by the author. There are some areas that aren't clear or grammatically correct. Also some of the characters are a bit unbelievable. I found my self a bit amused by some of the things that I could tell weren't very "real". But all that being said, I still enjoyed the book and feel that with time and experience this author could write some really great books instead of the okay one that I just read.
My advice would be to read the book knowing that it's the first.
I'll be reading her second book with the anticipation that she will continue to grow as she writes.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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