Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stumbling Into Grace

Stumbling Into Grace
Lisa Harper

This book is a thought provoking, sometimes funny look at how God is always "there" for us. It reads a bit like a devotional with questions for study at the end. So it could easily be used as a women's group study book.

Lisa starts out each chapter with a quote that relates to the topic. Then the devotional starts out with "So, today I've been thinking about. . ." It's casual and personal, as if you are sitting there talking with the author. She deals with fear, abuse, mistakes, gifts, spiritual growth and many more.

I enjoyed this book. I know that God loves me. I don't suppose I need another book to tell me that. But sometimes a person just needs to be reminded or to look at something from a different angle to get our minds out of a rut. This book does that for me.
One of the sentences that spoke to me was in the chapter on friendships and family.

"Such is the gift of a true community-a wee tribe of people who will cheer for us, not necessarily because we're good, but because they claim us as theirs. Jesus gives us the gift of true community."

A truly beautiful way of looking at our Saviour and His gracious, redeeming love for us.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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