Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life Support

Life Support
An Alexia Lindale Novel
Robert Whitlow

This is the second Robert Whitlow that I've reviewed. I chose this book because I enjoyed the first one and wanted to see if all of his books were as good.
The story is about a guy who is pushed from a cliff by his wife and amazingly survives. But he's paralyzed, in a coma and has a very slim chance of living if taken off the ventilator. 
His wife is wanting to pull the plug and his dad (for reasons of his own) is wanting to keep him alive.
Alexia Lindale is the lawyer hired by the wife. She is really the main character in the book and over the coarse of time realizes her need for Jesus.

The book had a great story plot and seemed to flow well for the most part. I DID notice quite a few spelling and grammar errors. Some of them actually made me read the sentence twice trying to figure out what point was being made. The part with her visiting the minister and realizing her need for Christ seemed a bit fake and unreal. Perhaps other people can change their entire outlook on life and God this quickly, but it seemed a bit stilted. Just my opinion.
The book ends rather abruptly with several things left hanging. I'm not sure if the writer wants the reader to use their imagination or if the rest of the story will be continued in another book since this is part of a series. But reading the book alone left me very unsatisfied with the ending.
I received this book from Booksneeze free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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