Friday, July 29, 2011

Isadora Daystar

Isadora Daystar
Loni Emmert & P.I. Barrington 

This is a sci-fi book that begins with Isadora. She's homeless, ex-military, and addicted to drugs. There are only a few things she's capable of doing to feed herself and her addiction. Most of them are unmentionable. Killing people is one of them. She's sent to kill a man in exchange for money and drugs. She completes the kill, but when she returns to collect her pay the building is vacant. So she steals some things she thinks she might be able to sell. Her life begins a downward spiral that's even worse than before. It doesn't matter what planet she lands on bad things seem to happen to her. She picks up a young girl, an orphan, and together they try to find their way back home, wherever that might be.

I'm just delving into the sci-fi genre, so I don't have much to base this book on. But I really enjoyed reading it. I felt so sorry for the character. There is so much negativity in her life that it doesn't seem possible to ever have a better life. And yet the reader is given glimpses that show she still has a heart and a will, however feeble, to change.
I was surprised to see subtle references to God and His impact on our lives. At first I thought it was just a reference to past civilizations and their antiquated ideas. But then in the end it again mentions God's redeeming quality. I'm not sure if this puts it into the Christian genre, because like I mentioned, it's very subtle. But it is there and I liked that unexpected part of the story.
A great read and one that made me glad to be reading another sci-fi.

I was given this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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