Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're Wearing That to School?!

You’re Wearing That to School

Lynn Plourde

Illustrated by Sue Cornelison

Penelope is so excited about school starting tomorrow. But her best friend Tiny is more cautious and begins to give Penelope tips on how to blend in and be the same as all of her classmates, so that no one will make fun of her. Penelope decides not to take Tiny’s advice and goes to school in her flamboyant clothes. Tiny is so worried about her, but finds that being your own person is the perfect way to be. 

The story line would be a perfect fit to read to a child getting ready to enter school or a child suffering from shyness in the classroom. The illustrations are colorful and help tell the story. The messages in the story are about accepting people for who they are, learning how to make new friends, and being open to new adventures. The last page is a list of things that a child can do to feel more comfortable on their very first day of school.

I received this book free of charge from Children's Literature in exchange for my honest review.

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