Tuesday, September 6, 2011

99 Things to Do between Here and Heaven

99 Things to Do between Here and Heaven
Kathleen Long Bostrom
Peter Graystone

The idea of this book is to enrich your life and provide thought for reflection. There is space for journaling and each item has a note on how to accomplish it, what to expect and thoughts to help you reflect. It isn't really a book to read. It's more a list of things that the authors think are important to your spiritual life or will somehow help you to reflect on God and heaven more.

I'm really not sure how to look at this book. Some of the things on the list are spot on.
#31 Keep the Sabbath for four weeks
 #51 Forgive a wrong
#84 Visit a nursing home
Then there are the items that seem completely senseless. They might make me laugh (see #16), but certainly not reflect on heaven. I guess everyone's different.
#10 Go on a protest rally
#16 Milk a cow
#49 Contribute to Wikipedia

All in all, it was a neat idea and something that I'm sure some people will really enjoy reading. But I don't see very many people actually doing each and every one of these 99 things to enrich their spiritual life.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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