Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Like No Other

Like No Other: The Life of Christ
Bible Studies for Life Series
Tony Evans
Christ lived a life like no other person has ever done. The author takes eight lessons to pull out different aspects on the life of Christ and gives the reader or study group an in-depth study for each chapter. The accompanying dvd ties into the lesson and helps the reader have a greater feel for the concepts the author is trying to convey. Each chapter begins with a small story or thought that ties into the chapter. Next are the scripture that the chapter is based on. Sprinkled throughout the lesson study are questions the group leader or reader can use to help make the lesson relevant. The lesson ends with a section on how to make the concepts applicable and a section for group prayer requests. There is also a link for further study online if more is desired.

I used this study for my small group at church. Each segment on the dvd is short and the speaker/author is clear and concise. He brings up concepts from a different angle than I might have looked at, so this has led to some good discussions. The lessons are okay. I've found more than half of them to be shallow and lacking depth for the idea being presented. The questions are also leaning towards the superficial side so do not work well for good discussions. I do like the extra material provided in the back, but it's not enough to make up for the lack of depth in the study. But I added my own thoughts and questions and used this more as a base for building more. The class enjoyed the study, but probably won't pick anything from this series again.

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