Friday, January 2, 2015

Top Ten Books of 2014

Here are a list of the top ten books I enjoyed this year. They aren't in any particular order and I liked them all for different reasons. As I'm sure you've heard me say before - this wasn't easy.

I'll give you a clue as to how hard it was to narrow it down to 10. I read 435 books this year. This is 435 books that I haven't read before and are already published. This does not include the books I love so much that I go back for a re-read, the 200x I read a kids book before they move on to the next one, or the books that I'm privileged to read before they are published. This is "never before read by me" books for this year.

Undetected by Dee Henderson
 She was able to take a ton of technical info and make it interesting. Her stories have depth.

A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert
She is able to draw emotions out of the reader like nothing I've read before. Her books have all of my favorite elements, but they also make me think deeply.

 Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade
This author has romance down. Definitely my top favorite romance author.

Just 18 Summers by Rene Gutteridge
I liked this one because it made me stop and really look at my parenting style, and made me treasure those moments with my children even more.

The Velveteen Mommy by Jenn

A Mommy book for all of us moms. The author has been there and it shows.

Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene
This book was gritty and honest in a really refreshing way.

Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay
I love the "old author" whimsy that this author adds to her books. She's new, but definitely has what it takes to write a best seller.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
One of those books that might have had some flaws, but really made me think.

The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton
This author writes gripping historical fiction that kept me riveted.

The Shadow of Your Smile by Susan May Warren
I like this author's style of writing. She is able to really bring the story to life. But I liked this particular book because it was about marriage.

Deceived by Irene Hannon
A good Christian thriller. Got my heart racing a couple of times.

 Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar
I'm not a huge fan of Biblical fiction. But after reading this book I have changed my mind. At least as long as Afshar is the author.

A Mom's Prayers for her Son by Rob & Joanna Teigen
Very well written. And since I have a son, it definitely applied.

 The 13th Gift by Joanne Smith
A beautiful story made even more beautiful because it's true.

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