Thursday, October 9, 2014

Still Alice

Still Alice
Lisa Genova
Alice is a professor of neuroscience at Harvard University. Her life is fast paced and on track for even better things. Her only complaint would be the lack of communication with her husband. But when she begins to notice issues with her memory and recall she gets scared and visits the doctor. The rest of the story is her journey into early onset Alzheimers.

This book was a scary concept for me. It isn't something you want to think about you or anyone you love getting. But I felt the author handled the subject matter delicately and with appropriate humor. While sad, the story has a redemptive quality to it. The author gave a glimpse into a side of Alzheimers that is rarely seen. Since I've known people with this disease, it felt authentic and real, with the exception of the ending. Most of the people I've known with Alzheimers get angry and combative towards the end. But since this is a novel I'll allow the author creative license for a happy ending. This is definitely a book I would recommend and will be keeping for my library.

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