Sunday, June 8, 2014


Dee Henderson
Gina is a genius, which often equates with loneliness. After a failed relationship she heads to her brother's house to wait for him to return home. He works on a submarine for the US Navy. Gina has decided she wants to be married, despite her past track record with men. So she hopes that her brother will help her find a great guy. But when Daniel and Mark both seem like perfect choices she can't make a decision about either of them. Combine this with the potential volatile information she's just uncovered about sonar and she is one stressed woman. But God has been there for everything in the past. So she knows He'll guide her through this chaotic time as well.

Combine suspense, romance, and military drama and you have Undetected. The plot is full of technical details, yet I never felt lost or confused. The author did a great job of making the story seem authentic without overwhelming the reader with hard to understand information. The romance was sweet, clean, and heartwarming. It was woven throughout the entire story, but it wasn't over powering or overshadowed the plot. There are definitely elements of the main character's faith in the story. It is clear they are Christians, but the references are in relation to the characters and their lives so it doesn't feel preachy or over done. Dee Henderson is one of my all time favorite authors and she's definitely written another winner.

I received this book free of charge from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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