Sunday, December 1, 2013

Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe

Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe
A Daily Guide to Scripture-Based Prayer
Sharon Jaynes

Our husbands are not only a major part of our life, they are a part of us. When God told the husband and wife to leave their family and become one, He intended a beautiful marriage of two lives becoming one for Him. This book takes every aspect of the husband's life and breaks it down into different areas to pray. The beginning chapters talk about the importance of marriage and prayer within that marriage. It also guides the reader on how to use the book. The next 30 sections are divided up into days with subjects to pray for your husband. The last few chapters cover more ways to prayer for your husband and a reflection chapter.

I really enjoyed reading through the book. The author uses a lot of scripture and also pulls from her experiences to write the book. It's a wonderful book for any wife to have, but more importantly to use.

I received this book free of charge from Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.

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