Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Amish Love

An Amish Love
Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller & Kelly Long

Every once in a while I don't have very much time to read and I enjoy picking up a novella. If written well, I still get the pleasure of a good book without the frustration of having to put the book down while in the middle of the story. So I picked this book up because I'd read books by Beth Wiseman before and enjoyed them.

Each story was unique. I certainly wasn't expecting the mid-life crisis plot from Healing Hearts. It was unusual and a fun change from the typical Amish fiction. A Marriage of the Heart was more what I was expecting - sweet and romantic. But I still enjoyed it. What the Heart Sees had a bit more drama, but was also romantic. 

I enjoyed all three books and look forward to reading things by these authors again.

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