Friday, May 13, 2011

Nick of Time

Nick of Time  
A Bug Man Novel
by Tim Downs

The main character of this book reminded me so much of Gil Grissom in CSI.
It was party because they were both forensic entomologists and partly because they both seemed better at dealing with bugs than humans.

I enjoyed the book. I will be reading the other Bug Man books when I get the chance.
But I will be giving this book a four for several reasons.
I didn't care for the story line very much. I felt it could have been presented a little better.
Also there was no indication which book this was in the series, but several times I felt like I was "missing something" to the story.
And then the story didn't really conclude. It was obviously left open for the next book in the series.

The premise of the story is two "different" people who have fallen in love and are to be married next week. One week before the wedding the groom Nick heads off on a trip because of a letter he received from a friend. The friend is found dead and it sends Nick off on a search for clues. He completely forgets to call his fiancee and she becomes worried - so worried that she is soon following him around the state trying to find him. It doesn't really end so I'm assuming this book is in the middle of the series. I liked the book, but didn't love it. But as the author probably hoped, I'm curious enough that I'll be reading the other books to find out what happened and also in hopes that the other books are better written.

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