Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Romancing the Bride

Romancing the Bride
Melissa Jagears
Annie needs to keep the ranch in the family. But after her husband passed away, she's been struggling to manage. Her son and daughter are helping, but they are just kids. She needs to keep the ranch to pass on to her children, but she's also tied to the ranch because of the little graveyard that holds her babies and late husband. She can't lose that connection with them. So she proposes a crazy idea to the local sheriff, Jacob. Marry her for her land. Jacob is torn. He plans to buy a farm or ranch, but all of the good ones are gone. But marry a woman he doesn't know just for her land?

This isn't just a sweet romance that's over in a couple of hours. It has depth, suspense, drama, and a love story that goes beyond just the two main characters. The author did a great job of setting up the plot so the reader was engaged and the characters had depth. I think my favorite character was actually one of the secondary characters, so I look forward to hopefully seeing her in another book. If you enjoy historical fiction that has sustenance and makes you think, then you'll love this book. 

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