Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pennsylvania Patchwork

Pennsylvania Patchwork
Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy Book 2
Kate Lloyd

Holly finally gets to meet the Amish family her mother grew up with and kept a secret for so many years. She has a fiance, but circumstances lead her to wonder if she'll ever get married or if she should be looking in a different direction. Should she join the Amish faith like her mother, or wait to see what will happen with her fiance.

I, unfortunately, did not read book 1 before I received book 2 for review. This, I'm sure, colored my view of the book. The characters were fun and seemed to have depth. The story was well written and portrayed the emotions well. My complaint about the story was the fact that it didn't seem to stand alone as its own book. I felt lost from the very beginning and stayed this way through most of the book. So much was missing that I'm sure was in book 1. My recommendation would be to find book 1 and read it first. The author is good and the book was fun to read. But these books don't stand alone.

I received this book free of charge from Book Fun in exchange for my honest review.

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