Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Terri Blackstock

Emily is a recovering drug addict. So when life around her starts to fall apart, it's very difficult for her family to believe that she has nothing to do with it.

Murder, drug addicts, and love are all in this thriller. It's the final book in the Intervention series and while I haven't read the first books, I'd have to say it's a winner.
The story plot kept me guessing the entire time. I enjoy a mystery that keeps me guessing or throws in the unexpected. It was fast paced and yet had time to weave in a beautiful story of redemption.
Terri Blackstock has a gift of being able to write a captivating story with the salvation message included.
I have not read the previous books in the series yet. There were a couple of places that felt a bit vague and I'm sure would have been more clear if I'd read the other books. But it didn't detract from the story. Will definitely be checking out the previous books in this series.

I received this book free of charge from Shelton Interactive in exchange for my honest review.

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Fairday Morrow said...

I haven't read this book or any of the ones in the series- but it sure sounds interesting. I like the mystery involved!

I found you through the hop listed on Collette Scott's page and just signed up to follow you. Best of luck getting to 100+ followers!