Saturday, December 3, 2011

the Very Thought of You

the Very Thought of You
Rosie Alison

Anna is evacuated to the country when England goes to war. She arrives at the Ashton estate and meets Thomas and Elizabeth. The book tells the stories of both families. It begins with a history on the Ashton estate and then jumps back to when Anna comes to live at the estate with the other children.
It's a story of love found, love lost and love never realized.

It seems to portray the years during the war accurately (although I probably wouldn't know if it didn't). It gives a sense of the gloom and despair that the residents felt during the years of separation during the war. Several reviewers called this a romance story. I suppose if you added the word tragic it might apply. It certainly isn't a romance story that I'd want to live out. 

I would liken this story to Sarah's Key. It was a well written story and one I can easily see becoming a best seller. But it's so sad that I'm just not sure how to rate it. I alternately loved and disliked this book. I loved it because of the style of writing. It's hard to tell that this is the author's first book. But I hate sad and therefore disliked the book. But any book portraying a war era is bound to have at least some sad elements. So I would recommend this book because it's so well written and by a new author.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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